Approx. 186 un-counted Ballots were abandoned at Post Office by SAG-AFTRA and IVS.

Integrity Voting Systems told Post Office to treat the on-time ballots as if late arriving & discard.

I believe this is unethical and a crime. Absolutely No Integrity in these Elections.

SAG-AFTRA says there is nothing wrong with these actions.

Currently under Federal Investigation by 3 different Federal Agencies.

"It's Not Over, Stay Tuned for the Truth shall always prevail." - Carlos Guerrero

for more Info:  UnionMemberNews.com

 "Vote for me and I will be a fearless voice for all members, especially those who remain silent in fear of repercussions."

"Let's make the much needed changes to this once upon a time great union."

"Vote INDEPENDENT for all of our Benefits or vote the same people in again who have us where we are today."

"The Strike is happening because there is so much wrong with the 2017 contract that was negotiated by same people asking us now to Strike." 

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